My Story

My name is Jeremy and I have found Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) and Qi Gong (Chi Kung) to personally benefit me, my family and my students in numerous ways.

Some years ago I, like many others, was made redundant and suffered a breakdown. With support from family, friends and other Tai Chi instructors and professionals I slowly improved and was then fortunate enough to be introduced to a Shaolin monk who also helped me with meditation, understanding Buddhism, mindfulness and further Qi Gong training.

This period changed my life dramatically in numerous ways but one of the things I did learn is that material and financial issues were not the most important things in life.

In fact, my views on many things began to change and although I did not realise it at the time this change in direction was in many ways, although difficult, probably the best thing that  could have happened.

From this and further training, I learnt about the body and how to read it and more importantly to learn from it.

I now tell my students that how you look after your BODY in one decade determines how it looks after YOU in the next.

There is no magic or instant solution to a lot of life’s problems but I do believe that if you are mature, of average mobility and keen to learn, then it is an ideal time to start Tai Chi. It does not suit everyone and does take a little effort to master but the benefits are significant. It is clear to me that it is well worth it as it has increased my own mobility, improved my health and my lifestyle.

It changed my life and now I am helping others to change their lives as well.

“How you look after your BODY in one decade determines how it looks after YOU in the next.”
Jeremy, Jeremytaichi